CONTRA # 4 2015

Putin, Obama, Merkel and the Middle East

Chaos is ruling the Middle East. Everyone is fighting everone else in Syria. Millions have fled from Syria. Obama tries to keep the United States away from the firing line. Putin claims that he is fighting the ISIS, but most of the efforts are directed against al Assads non-ISIS enemies. Merkel concentrates on taking care of refugees, something that does not give you any favours in the Middle East. Putin and al Assad seem to be the winners right now. And Sweden has sent 35 military personnell to Iraq in order to stop ISIS. At the same time as hundreds of people coming from Sweden with Arab backgrounds fight for the ISIS.

Cold War 2.1 – the return of the Evil Empire,
by C G Holm

In the year 2000 the select committeee on defence concluded that the Cold War had ended and that Sweden thus could reduce its armed forces. Because the potential enemy had his military forces in disarray. That is not the case anymore and disarmament was a grave mistake. The Cold War is back. Former MP Mats Johansson has written the book Cold War 2.1 – The Evil Empire is back.

Karl-Edvard is advocating Contra views in the school, in the Union, in the library and in the local press…

Karl-Edvard Hellkvist is a Contra reader since more than 40 years. Living in the tiny town of Lindesberg. He manages to distribute Contra views to the institutions of his hometown.

A close look at the decay of Venezuela,
by Kjell Albin Abrahamson

Kjell Albin Abrahamson recommends leftists not to read a book on Hugo Chávez and Venezuela, written by Kajsa Norman. The book is revealing how the fifth biggest oil exporter in the world has been thrown into poverty by marxist tyrants.

Marika Formgren fights agains ”value democracy”,
by Tommy Hansson

According to herself Marika Formgren has been banned from her former profession as a journalist. She was writing leading articles for the conservative newspaper Östgöta Correspondenten. Now she is training to become an engineer. She is discussing the ”value democracy” where Sweden is transformed into a semi-democracy where people that are not politically correct are chased away from the public discussion, because they are not årepared to adopt mainstream leftist values.

The female track in the da Costa case,
by Patrik Nyberg

Thousands of articles have been written on the murder of Catrine da Costa. And you could believe that all tracks and ideas have been investigated to the bottom. But no. The weak performance by the police in the beginning of the case means that new ideas still arise. But now the police will do nothing, because the murder has passed the time limit of twenty-five years (a time limit abolished, but only after the limit had been passed in the da Costa case).

Crimea – Tatars, Ukrainians and Russians

When Vladimir Putin last year occupied and incorporated Crimea into Russia he claimed that Crimea was Russian until 1954. But the history of Crimea is far from Russian and in the history of Crimea there have been three peoples living on the peninsula. Tatars, Ukrainians and Russians. The group with the longest history is the Tatars and they were the majority until deported by Josef Stalin. Ukrainians and Russians arrived only in the beginning of the 19th century.

When KGB delivered weapons to Akel, and why we should awake, by Bertil Wedin

Cyprus is nowadays a centre for wealthy Russians, Russian corporations – honest and maffia run corporations, and for questionable financial transactions. Cyprus more and more turns into a Russian colony and could well be one in a couple of decades. The Russians were here before. In 1974 the KGB delivered weapons to Cypriot politicians.

Fear of islam – the best protection against islamist terror,
by Tommy Hansson

Extreme islamists threaten our society. As such is the case, it is only rational to show fear. We must be able to react and counter when we are threatened. And at the same time be aware of the fact that there are many moslems that condemn violence and terror.

In the US there is a melting pot, not multiculturalism,
by Allan C. Brownfeld

The world’s biggest country for immigration, the United States, has never been a society for multiculturalism. This is something the Europeans should consider when more and more immigrants are coming to Europe.